Portobello Road Paella

On my last weekend in London, I journeyed over to Portobello Road. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been blissfully obsessed with this magical place. Bedknobs and Broomsticks was one of my favorite childhood movies, and you can often find me singing Portobello Road’s theme song at random.

I got off the bus and walked towards the sounds. Music, and laughter, shop door bells, and the sizzling sounds of food being cooked in the open.I wasn’t on the road more than five minutes before my nose was assaulted by the aroma at this tent where I could see the smoke rise, but not the food itself because it was surrounded by people. Hungry people. People taking numbers to eat something smelling wonderful. . A woman was shouting at the customers to stand aside if they have a number and she would call them. And once the crowd parted, I could see what everyone was so enthusiastic about. It was paella, I think four different kinds actually.



So I stepped forward and asked how I could get a number for the chicken paella (I’m allergic to crab and loathe scallops, so I shy away from traditional paella for safety and sanity). To which she told me that I did not have to wait for chicken and she served me a hearty container worth (6 GBP). I grabbed this cute wooden spoon and walked around the block to some bike racks to have a lean and eat. I could smell it as I walked and my mouth watered the whole way.

When I ate it, I think my tongue danced happily and I nearly dropped dead. I even made one of those eat-moan sounds that I hate so much. It was delicious! The best meal I have ever had in London. Ever. It’s from a restaurant called Jamon Jamon Paella on Portobello Road (Facebook, twitter). If you go to London, you must find them and eat their yummies! I’ve emailed them to ask for the recipe (the seafood recipe is on their website, but not the chicken recipe as of now). I hope they take pity on me!



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